Our Daily Call Service

We give Online Buy/Sell Trading Calls for Intraday + F&O + Delivery Markets through Yahoo/GTalk Messenger or SMS between 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM on regular trading days.

We send nearly 4-7 Buy/Sell Calls (on an average) everyday with precise entry levels, profit targets and stop levels.

We send BTST at last hours of mkt on regular basis with accuracy of almost 70-80% on monthly basis.

Nifty/ Bank Nifty trading package is available where we will give 1-2 Derivative Calls for Intra-day with approx. 25-50 points of gains / loss per lot(Buying or Selling) and precise stop loss levels.

Positional Calls Pack will include only 5-8 Calls given delivery basis with Minimum gain / loss of Rs. 7000-Rs. 10000/- per lot in the stock (buying or selling side). The service will be provided on Yahoo/GTalk Messenger or SMS as subscribed by members.

We have launched Mcx positional calls which will include Gold, Silver, Crude, Nat Gas & Base Metals for 2-7 days of trading which will give good return in short term.
Newly Launched: Daily commodity calls (MCX & NCDEX) which will include: Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Nickel, Steel, Lead, Zinc, Jeera, RM Seed, Soya Oil, Turmeric etc.

Our Service Details

1-2 Daily Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) or (STBT) at Last Hours of Mkt with almost 70--80% success.

Online/ BTST/ STBT Calls given through Yahoo/ GTalk Messenger id: ibnservicesdelhi or SMS (On Mobile) between 2:30 PM---3:30 PM.

Daily News Letter (DNL) through Emails {contains Intra-Day Cash/Future Calls + Critical Levels for 4-5 Intraday (Incl. Cash/ Derivatives) + 1 investment pick for short/medium/long term, sent every day before 9AM.

Weekly News Letter (WNL) for selected stocks for gain of 3%-20% in 1 week time, sent through E-mail on every Sunday or Monday before Market hours.

Positional Calls (PPCK) will be given during Trading hours only where a minimum gain of Rs.7000--Rs. 10000/- will be given either side (Buying or Selling) per lot basis. We will give 5-8 calls during a month 1-2 calls in a week for good profits per lot basis.

Option Pack (Call-Put Option) (OPCK) Daily 2-4 option (Call-Put) will be given during market hours for day &few positional calls to the traders with minimum 15-50% of gain in options, we will also give BTST in Call-Put sometimes in last hours. The option pack will also include Nifty option Calls for intra-day or positional. Pls note that trading in options is high risk as compared to other instruments.

Nifty Derivative Calls (NPCK) for Intra-Day gain of 25-50 points per lot(buying or selling), sent through Messenger or SMS, We also give few positional Nifty calls during a month with gain of 70-100 points per lot.

Bank Nifty / CNX-IT Calls (NGPK) for Intra-Day gain of 60-100 points per lot(buying or selling), sent through Messenger or SMS, We also give few positional Bank Nifty /CNXIT calls during a month with gain of 200-300 points.

Live Chat session for Query/ Stock Momentum/ Stock Analysis/ Market related queries etc at Yahoo/GTalk Messenger for our clients between 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (On Trading Days i.e. Monday- Friday).